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MORE! 7e / 8e

MORE! 7e / 8e is a special version of a popular international course. It has been carefully adapted for schools in the Suisse romande under the auspices of CIIP (Conférence Intercantonale de l’Instruction Publique de la Suisse romande et du Tessin) for pre-teen first time learners of English. MORE! 7e and 8e are the first two levels of a five-level programme which takes students from 7th grade (Harmos) to the end of 11th grade.

MORE! 7e / 8e

  • motivates and inspires students studying English for the first time in the last two years of primary school
  • builds students’ confidence in using English communicatively in simple everyday situations
  • develops the five skills (listening, reading, oral interaction, oral production and writing) in a systematic and balanced way
  • contributes to the students’ general education and to their knowledge of the world around them
  • encourages students to start taking responsibility for their learning by developing learning strategies and by making students aware of their own progress

Components of MORE! 7e / 8e

  • Student's Book
  • Workbook with Audio CD
  • My Word Book (7e)
  • Language Book (8e)
  • Teacher’s Book in English and French
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Flash Cards
  • Tests
  • Interactive website

About this website

Teacher Zone

In the Teacher Zone, you can:

  • find PDFs of the Student’s Book, Workbook, My Word Book (7e) and Language Book (8e) for use on an IWB or projector in class
  • listen to all the listening texts from the Student’s Book and Workbook
  • click on and listen to some useful classroom language phrases
  • view or download PDF and Excel versions of the wordlist
  • download photocopiable worksheets and extra communication activities for each unit
  • download extra seasonal resources (for Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  • download flash cards and small picture and word cards for use in classroom activities and for students' personal vocabulary boxes
  • download classroom language and grammar posters for the classroom
  • download game boards
  • download tests with audio files and teaching notes
  • find suggestions for extra resources such as songs and graded readers

Student Zone

In the Student Zone, students can:

  • play language games to consolidate their learning in each unit
  • do extra listening and reading activities and quizzes
  • listen to the songs from the Student's Book – and practise singing with the 'sing-along' and 'karaoke' versions
  • listen to all the listening texts from the Workbook
  • click on and listen to all the active vocabulary from the course
  • click on and listen to useful classroom language phrases