About the authors

Herbert Puchta

Professor Herbert Puchta has a Ph.D. in ELT Pedagogy from the University of Graz, Austria. He has co-authored many course books for the teaching of English as a foreign language (including English in Mind and MORE!) as well as articles and resource books. For more than two decades, he has carried out research into the practical application of findings from cognitive psychology to English Language Teaching. Herbert was a primary and secondary school teacher for many years before becoming a teacher trainer and then a university professor. Bilingual in English and German, he has undergone the complete process of learning languages as a student and imparting them as a teacher.

Jeff Stranks

Jeff Stranks (BA, MPhil Linguistics) was Senior Tutor in ELT at Bell College, Saffron Walden, UK from 1981 to 1991, and then worked as an Academic Coordinator with Cultura Inglesa (Rio de Janeiro) between 1991 and 2001. He is currently freelance, writing materials and teaching at the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Jeff’s other publications include The New You & Me Grammar Practice series (Langenscheidt-Longman, Germany, 2000-1), and Step Ahead 1, 2 and 3 (ELI) with Herbert Puchta, Richard Carter and Peter Lewis-Jones.

Sue Parminter

Sue Parminter is an experienced ELT teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer who has taught and trained in many countries around the world, spending a number of years working in Hungary, Belarus, Canada and most recently, Spain. She is the co-author with her husband, Bill Bowler, of many materials for primary and secondary students, and her particular area of interest has always been in teaching pre-teen and lower teenage students and helping them to bridge the gap from being children to becoming adolescents. She has lived and worked near Alicante in Spain for the last seventeen years with Bill and their three children, only one of whom is still a teenager! Sue regularly visits Switzerland to participate in training events and workshops.

Yvonne de Henseler

Yvonne de Henseler is an ELT consultant with a varied background in publishing, teaching, teacher training and school inspections. She has taught in Switzerland and Spain, at the University of Lyon (France) and was director of studies at the Institute for Applied Language Studies at the University of Edinburgh before working as a publisher for Oxford University Press and then Heinemann. In 2000 she returned to live and work in Montreux (Vaud). She holds a BA in Applied Language Studies (London) and an MSc in Applied Linguistics (Edinburgh).