Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
Personal objects
computer game s
glasses s
keys s
magazine s
mobile phone s
money s
MP3 player s
rollerblades s
sweets s
dress s
hat s
jacket s
jeans s
shirt s
shoes s
shorts s
skirt s
socks s
sweater s
top s
trainers s
trousers s
T-shirt s
Numbers 21 - 100
twenty-one s
twenty-two s
thirty s
forty s
fifty s
sixty s
seventy s
eighty s
ninety s
one hundred s
Words and phrases
any s
buy s
cents s
clothes s
cycling s
dollars s
euros s
market s
pence s
pounds s
running s
some s
stickers s
(Swiss) francs s
these s
those s
Can I try on (this shirt), please? s
Excuse me, … s
How many (bananas)? s
How much (butter)? s
How much is it? s
I'd like (an apple). s
That's all. s
What do you want? s
divided by s
equals s
hundred s
minus s
plus s
thousand s
times s
(two) hundred and (thirty-seven) s