Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
Food and drink
apple s
banana s
bread s
chicken s
chips s
egg s
fish s
hamburger s
ice cream s
milk s
orange juice s
pizza s
sandwich s
sausage s
tomato (pl tomatoes) s
yogurt s
breakfast s
lunch s
tea s
supper s
In a restaurant
biscuit s
cake s
carrot s
cheese s
chocolate s
mashed potato s
meat balls s
pâté s
soup s
spaghetti s
toast s
tomato sauce s
Words and phrases
drink s
eat s
finish s
go s
hate s
have s
have (lunch) s
healthy s
like s
love s
picnic s
please s
start s
water s
Anything else? s
Can I have (a pizza), please? s
Can I help you? s
Have you got (a pizza)? s
Here you are. s
Of course. s
Sorry. s
What's for (lunch)? s
bone s
calcium s
energy s
grow s
tooth (pl teeth) s
vitamin s