Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
The body
arm s
ear s
eye s
finger s
foot (pl feet) s
hair s
hand s
head s
leg s
mouth s
nose s
shoulder s
dark s
fair s
left s
long s
right s
short s
Wild animals
alligator s
dolphin s
elephant s
giraffe s
lion s
monkey s
owl s
snake s
Words and phrases
butterfly s
famous s
Come here! s
Guess what? s
He's quite (tall). s
Help! s
I don't remember. s
Let's (have an ice cream). s
Tell me about (Natasha). s
That's OK. s
What's (he) like? s
Classroom language
Can you say that again? s
Can you speak slowly? s
How do you say (hibou) in English? s
What does (owl) mean? s