Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
above s
behind s
between s
in s
in front of s
next to s
on s
under s
Holiday equipment
binoculars s
camera s
sleeping bag s
sun cream s
swimsuit s
tent s
toothbrush s
torch s
towel s
walking boots s
On holiday
beach s
boat s
caravan s
city s
countryside s
go camping s
hostel s
hotel s
lake s
mountains s
sea s
take photos s
Words and phrases
campsite s
every (summer) s
go on holiday s
hold s
plan (n) s
spend (time) s
stay s
take s
travel s
tomorrow s
usually s
Are you (all) ready? s
Don't forget (your toothbrush)! s
in a few minutes s
It's time to (go). s
Just a second. s
Remember (your camera)! s
Natural Science
axis s
the Earth s
equator s
hemisphere s
northern s
orbit s
planet s
rotate s
solstice s
southern s
the Sun s