Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
Places in town
cinema s
library s
park s
restaurant s
school s
sports centre s
station s
swimming pool s
Months of the year
January s
February s
March s
April s
May s
June s
July s
August s
September s
October s
November s
December s
Seasons s
spring s
summer s
autumn s
winter s
Ordinal numbers
first s
second s
third s
fourth s
fifth s
sixth s
seventh s
eighth s
ninth s
tenth s
eleventh s
twelfth s
thirteenth s
fourteenth s
fifteenth s
sixteenth s
seventeenth s
eighteenth s
nineteenth s
twentieth s
twenty-first s
twenty-second s
twenty-third s
twenty-fourth s
twenty-fifth s
twenty-sixth s
twenty-seventh s
twenty-eighth s
twenty-ninth s
thirtieth s
thirty-first s
beautiful s
cheap s
dangerous s
exciting s
expensive s
fast s
funny s
heavy s
intelligent s
light s
scary s
slow s
young s
Words and phrases
birthday s
celebrate s
Christmas s
Easter s
give s
Halloween s
have a party s
have fun s
month s
present s
something s
world s
year s
What's the date? s
When's your birthday? s
Would you like (to go to the cinema)? s
I'd love to. s