Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
Free time activities
do sport s
go shopping s
listen to music s
make a pizza s
read a book s
ride a scooter s
send a text message s
talk on the phone s
use a computer s
watch TV s
bookshop s
café s
clothes shop s
computer shop s
newsagent's s
pet shop s
shoe shop s
supermarket s
Words and phrases
come s
fantastic s
go out s
guitar s
meet s
my place s
ride (a horse) s
right s
shop s
stop s
thing s
uniform s
wait s
want s
wear s
wrong s
Because (I'm hungry). s
Give me a clue. s
I can't remember. s
I'm busy. s
I'm sorry. s
Right. s
Sure. s
Why don't you (call me)? s