Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
Skills verbs
cook s
dance s
draw s
juggle s
play badminton s
play the drums s
ride a bike s
sing s
skateboard s
swim s
Argentina s
Austria s
Brazil s
Canada s
Switzerland s
the United States s
English s
French s
Italian s
Portuguese s
Spanish s
(Swiss) German s
Words and phrases
aunt s
borrow s
both s
cousin s
grandparents s
language s
parents s
pass s
speak s
tongue s
tree s
turn on s
uncle s
walk s
Go away! s
Here it is. s
How about you? s
Hurry up! s
cello s
clarinet s
double bass s
drum s
flute s
triangle s
trumpet s
tuba s
violin s