Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
do athletics s
do gymnastics s
do judo s
go ice skating s
go mountain biking s
go rock climbing s
go skiing s
go snowboarding s
go windsurfing s
play basketball s
play ice hockey s
play volleyball s
The body
ankle s
back s
bottom s
elbow s
hip s
knee s
neck s
toe(s) s
waist s
wrist s
Words and phrases
every day s
fit s
fruit s
go rollerblading s
go swimming s
go to (computer) club s
lesson s
match s
now s
play chess s
play football s
play ping pong s
play tennis s
point at s
sleep s
sometimes s
sport s
team s
touch s
Are you all right? s
I quite like (football). s