Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
School subjects
Art s
Design and Technology s
English s
French s
Geography s
History s
Maths s
Music s
PE s
Science s
The time
What's the time? s
(one) o'clock s
quarter past (one) s
half past (one) s
quarter to (two) s
Daily routines s
get up s
have breakfast s
go to school s
go home s
do homework s
go to bed s
In the classroom
backpack s
beamer s
CD player s
classroom s
laptop s
student s
teacher s
whiteboard s
Words and phrases
after s
arrive s
before s
break s
late (for) s
leave s
subject s
timetable s
Dear (Ben), s
Love from (Aisha) s
We've got (English) on (Mondays). s
Social Sciences
bicycle / bike / by bike s
bus / by bus s
cable car s
car / by car s
helicopter s
motorbike s
plane / by plane s
train / by train s
on foot s
How do you go (to school)? s
How long does it take? s
It takes (ten minutes). s