Classroom language for students
Basic phrases
I don’t understand. s
I know! s
I don't know. s
I don't remember. s
Can you say that again? s
Can you help me, please? s
Can you speak slowly? s
Can I go to the toilet? s
Can I have (a pencil)? s
I haven't got (my book). s
I can't hear you. s
I can't see. s
How do you spell (brother)? s
How do you say (jambe) in English? s
Additional phrases
Can I open (the window)? s
Can I work with (Tim)? s
Can we listen again? s
Can we play a game? s
Can you check this for me? s
Can you write that on the board? s
How do you say this word? s
I forgot to do the homework. s
I’m sorry I’m late. s
Is it my turn? s
Is this right? s
Is this the right spelling? s
What do we have to do? s
What does (breakfast) mean? s
What shall I do next? s
What’s the answer to (number 2)? s
When’s the break? s
Excuse me, can I ask you a question? s
— Sure. s
Can you say that again, please? s
— Of course. s
I don’t understand. s
— I’m sorry. s
Thank you. s
— You’re welcome! s
Playing games
You can go first. s
Throw the dice. s
Pass me the dice. s
It’s a (6). s
It’s your turn. s
Whose turn is it? s
I’m the winner! s
Can we play again? s
In this picture you can see … s
Here’s a picture of … s
This is a map of … s
Do you understand? s
Have you got any questions? s
What exactly is …? s
Can you tell us more about …? s
Talking about narratives
It’s a (scary) story. s
It takes place in … s
It’s about … s
At the end … s