Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
armchair s
bath s
bed s
bookshelf (pl bookshelves) s
cooker s
cupboard s
fridge s
shower s
sofa s
table s
TV s
wardrobe s
awful s
bad s
big s
friendly s
good s
new s
nice s
old s
small s
unfriendly s
Rooms in a house
bathroom s
bedroom s
garage s
hall s
kitchen s
living room s
toilet s
thirty s
forty s
fifty s
sixty s
seventy s
eighty s
ninety s
Maths s
centimetre s
measure s
measurements s
metre s
millimetre s
Words and phrases
car s
CD s
game s
high s
house s
long s
poster s
room s
tall s
wide s
How (wide) is (your desk)? s
How tall are you? s
I'm (1 metre 45). s
It looks (great). s
What else (is there)? s
What's (your bedroom) like? s
You're lucky! s