Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
in s
next to s
on s
under s
In the classroom s
bag s
chair s
computer s
desk s
door s
floor s
window s
In my bag
book s
coloured pencil s
felt tip pen s
glue stick s
notebook s
pen s
pencil s
pencil case s
pencil sharpener s
planner s
rubber s
ruler s
scissors s
black s
blue s
brown s
green s
grey s
orange s
pink s
purple s
red s
white s
yellow s
Classroom instructions
Be quiet. s
Close (the door). s
Don't laugh. s
Look at (page 10). s
Open (the window). s
Pick up (your pen). s
Put down (your book). s
Sit down. s
Stand up. s
Words and phrases
classroom s
teacher s
at school s
Come on! s
I don't know. s
It's (blue). s
It's (under) (the chair). s
No idea! s
What colour is it? s
What's the matter? s
Where's my (pen)? s