Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
one s
two s
three s
four s
five s
six s
seven s
eight s
nine s
ten s
eleven s
twelve s
thirteen s
fourteen s
fifteen s
sixteen s
seventeen s
eighteen s
nineteen s
twenty s
The family
baby (pl babies) s
brother s
dad s
family (pl families) s
grandad s
granny s
mum s
sister s
Words and phrases
animal s
ball s
bear s
favourite s
friend s
best friend s
frog s
number s
tortoise s
How old are you? s
How old is (Noah)? s
He's (eleven). s
I'm from (Switzerland). s
I'm in Year (5). s
My favourite number is (nine). s
Thanks. s
Thank you. s
These are (my brother and sister). s
What year are you in? s
What's your favourite (number)? s
Where are you from? s