Click on the words in each list to hear what they sound like.
cat s
dog s
fish (pl fish) s
hamster s
mouse (pl mice) s
rabbit s
Hello and goodbye
Hello. s
Hi. s
Bye. s
Goodbye. s
See you. s
Good morning. s
Good evening. s
Good night. s
Words and phrases
and s
cool s
fine s
great s
no s
pet s
yes s
Her name's (Sophie). s
His name's (Joël). s
How are you? s
How do you spell (Claudio)? s
I'm (Léa). s
My name's (Léa). s
This is (my dog). s
What's your name? s
Europe s
Britain s
France s
Germany s
Italy s
Portugal s
Spain s
Switzerland s
country s
region s
city s
town s
village s